Asking Santa for a New Stylus!

Been following a few of the write ups on this Intuos Creative Stylus that comes out in October.

imageOne of the downsides of drawing on the ipad is that the screen is a conductive screen…so if you touch it by accident or drag your wrist across the screen, it does what it is suppose to do..It draws!

This stylus is a blue tooth device and with a properly configured drawing program, turns off the conductive screen and uses the blue tooth to identify pen position and angle as well as how hard your are pressing the tip.  The hope is that the pen supports a much more natural drawing style.  The other feature you can see in this image is a couple buttons so you can program some standard commands onto the pen as well.  A real common one would be undo, so if your first sketch line was a miss, you can immediately erase it.

imageThere are other choices of products out there, but for around $100, this one has a lot of promise.   Its on my list with Santa!


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