Welcome to “The Blue Max Project”

The site is only a skeleton, but she is up and running, so I guess I should introduce myself.  WWGeezer is my “call sign” or my uniform for those familiar with flying in a squad.  For the last three or so years I have been active member in the Wingwalkers, an online flying squadron with a twenty year history that has focused on Il Sturmovik and Rise of Flight flight sims. Besides hanging out with a great group of fellas ( and gals) it has opened up a rather unusual creative outlet for me.  Comic Art, Military History and Story Telling have merged into a project that this site is dedicated to.   More will be revealed as the project develops but the focus right now is in two areas

1. Getting the Blog whole and functional

2. Documenting the content of the original novel “The Blue Max” by Jack Hunter

I’m about half way thru outlining the novel, I will publish that first and than move into documenting the sorties in the book.

Will keep you posted as things develop!!

(Special Thanks to Sandman for setting me up with the domain for this Blog and for the Wingwalkers for letting me hang out here!!)