Coming Soon! ( or at least eventually…..)

Was a busy weekend so not a lot of content to post.  i know what i want to do next but a bit intimidated by the copyright rules and how to do it.  i am trying to make resource image files sorted in catagories like Flight Gear, Dress Uniforms etc.  These would be images I could refer back to when I am sketching.  Finding great stuff and it would be great to have media files that I could share, but so many images are partially documented or not at all documented and dont want to get in trouble with copyright rules…hopefully can post some here so you can see them.

imageThe second part is easier, I want to start working on a “sketchbook” to start developing background information on The Blue Max story.  A bit like the Bloody April Journal, this would be the story from the perspective of one character with sketches from his personal sketchbook.  I think the structure will allow me to do graphic studies and research but also create something that is fun to read and pulls people into the book’s story line.  Will keep you posted as this develops.



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