Copy Stand Study

Was able to borrow a digital camera with more capability than the one I own, so was able to put the copy stand to the test more completely

Here is my set up.  The goal was to build a big enough surface that I could use it to combine the journal with artifacts, like fold out maps from WW1 or copies of After Action Reports.  The storyline is that “Rupp’s Sketchbook” was discovered in an old file and was sent to the Smithsonian to be analyzed.  This work suface is the archivist and as we page thru the journal, different artifacts will spill out ( perhaps even some of Rupp’s old cigar butts)


I shot a series of images to test the proper settings

Pic1I took the best of them and than added text and a sketch.  This is a pretty rough cut, the text is not following the curve of the paper and the camera I borrowed needed some serious cleaning, notice a lot of little dots when I blew it up, but this gives a sense of where I am trying to get too.



TestJournalGetting a lot closer to what I was hoping to achieve.  Now all I need is more time to sketch and write!


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