Help The Atlantic with their subtitles! – Wk1 and Wk2

Updated this post to show the plane types in the first two weeks of Alan Taylor’s “World War I in Photos”.  Special thanks to WWHappy in my squad and Doc, Lufbery, FokkerJ at the Aerodrome for their assistance

Wk1-8 The Bleriot XI

This was the aircraft used by Louis Bleriot in 1909 to make the first flight across the English Channel.  These planes entered military service in 1910 and were utilized by the French, British and Italian armies, primarily in observation duties


Wk1-16 The Curtiss JN-4

Nicknamed the Jenny, this plane was built by the Curtiss Aeroplane and Motor Company. in 1916.   It is estimated that 95% of all WWI trainee pilotsin North America flew the JN-4, but none saw combat service during the war.


Wk2-4 The Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.2.c

A British single engine tractor two seat biplane that was in service with the Royal Flying Corps (RFC) from 1912 until the end of the war. 3,500 where built and used primarily for reconnaissance and as light bombers.


Wk 2-7 The AEG G.IV

A German bomber brought into service in 1916, it flew both days and nights in France, Romania, Greece and Italy. This plane could carry a bomb load of 880 lbs and some crews were known to fly as many as seven missions in a single night.

Wk2-7_AEG IV

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