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A big update this week, I added the “Jack Hunter” tab on the main page that includes reprints of Jack’s Bio and his own backround story of how his life experiences led to writting  “The Blue Max’.  The story is fascinating and the influences span across two world wars.  Bruno Stachel is the aggressive young pilot that was “cleaned up” by the character portrayed in the film by George Peppard.  Jack’s Bruno is hugely flawed and resolutely evil and in his blog post “The Blue Max Revisited” he explains where this character came from. It might suprise you. I also included some of Jack’s paintings in a gallery page.  I will post more about that in the future.  Special thanks to Jill Hunter and Jonni Anderson for reviewing this content and allowing me to include it here.

Other minor changes to the site…I added a links page to provide links to related websites.  I also merged the “sorties” pages into the “story” pages.  Realized separating the dogfights from the story was a bad idea

4 thoughts on “Jack Hunter Pages Added!

  1. Geezer, this is a monumental project. I assume you are following the book, and don’t feel the necessity to pretty it up for the audience, as Hollywood is wont to do. Have you been in contact with Jonni Anderson? Do you have an imprimatur from her or the heirs?

    • I have been staying in touch with the family and requested permission from them to repost these pages from Jack’s Blog. They have been very kind and supportive. Regarding the project as a whole, probably a little early to know exactly what it is going to be. Right now it is a landing place to develope an idea and experiment with the writing and the artwork. Regarding the story, it will stay true to the book, however I may focus more on Otto Heidemann the Captain than Bruno Stachel. Stachel is just so evil, he is hard for me to relate to. Otto on the other hand is a leader of men who with best intent to salvage his marrage falls far from grace…who knows where this all will go…Thanks for posting a comment..now I know at least one person is reading this!!

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