Jack Hunter

It all started with Jack Hunter, the man who wrote The Blue Max.

His blog, created in 2007 is an excellent place to start if you want to get some insight into who he is and where the world of Bruno Stachel and Otto Heidemann came from.  I have reprinted two articles and a gallery from his blog with permission from his family.


The Jack Hunter Story  This is a reprint of an interview originally published in The News Journal of Wilmington, Delaware in 2009.  Jack passed away later that same year.   It gives a brief bio of Jack and how his life events lead to writing this book.  It also explains how the books popularity and the film “The Blue Max” affected his life.

The Blue Max Revisited  In his own words Jack acknowledges that among the writing community, explaining your own work is considered “poor form”.  But at 77 years of age he figured he could damn well conduct himself as he sees fit, so he chose to write this fascinating article that explains what drove him to write this book and create such a resolutely evil character like Bruno Stachel.  It is a fascinating story that crosses two world wars and a man’s fascination with aviation and the human spirit.

Jack Hunter’s Artwork  It’s a labor of love, a natural product derived from my heart and an inborn understanding of perspective, and it poses no obvious threat to aviation’s truly great artists”.  He has been referred to as “the Grandma Moses of aviation art” because some feel his art does not stand up to the computer generated detailed models that our current world tends to value.  He takes this accusation as a great honor because it underlines his desire to paint to satisfy his own creative desire and bring pleasure to those that appreciate his work.  These comments resonate for me personally because the driver behind this site is my desire to create a graphic novel to retell The Blue Max story, knowing full well that I don’t have to tools to build a work that is at the level of the great comic artists of the world.  Give me strength Jack!!!  Follow this link for his full comment on his artwork  http://www.jackhunter.com/06-28-08.htm