Map of Bruno Stachel’s Orientation Flight

One of the things I intend to do is create artifacts inside “Rupp’s Skizzenbuch” including hand drawn maps, reports etc.  To be able to create the hand built maps, I dug into the descriptions in “The Blue Max” to see where the action occurred.  The novel starts in February 1918 and in Chapter 3 Oberleutnant Kettering sits Bruno down and walks thru the maps, describing the Jastas and where they are located, including pointing out where “your friend Richthofen hangs his trousers”.

Bruno’s Jasta is described as being located in a town called Beauvin ( which may or may not be fictional), but all the other towns can be found on historical maps, so based on the description it is pretty easy to guess approximately where Beauvin is located.  Kettering than describes the likely route that Hauptmann Heidemann will take Bruno for his orientation flight scheduled for the next day.

The flight sim Rise of Flight has a downloadable hi res version of their game map that is very well labelled.  I thought I might use this as a basis for my hand drawn map.  I was pleased to find that every town listed in the description was on the map except for Beauvin. The book describes the Aerodrome as being built around a train track and two roads. Conveniently there is a spot right there on the maps as well so that’s were I placed Bruno’s home base.

The result is a treat for fans of the movie and the book who like a little context, a hi-res map with the route of Bruno’s orientation flight in yellow and the location of the different Jastas as described in the book.



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