Mein name ist Gerhardt Rupp und das is mein Skizzenbuch.


And so it begins….the first line in my project “Rupp’s Skizzenbuch” is the title of this post.

I have reached an important milestone for this project.  I have gotten to the stage where I am developing the storyboards for the sketchbook and creating the written part of the story.  It is a relief to get to the writing.  I have focused so much on technique that I was concerned that I would have trouble with writing the text.  Now that I have completed Rupp’s introduction of himself to the story I am feeling better about it.  The joy of this is the  research, the technique, the sketching and the writing.  In the best circumstance all four are happening at the same time.  My theory is I am not an expert in any one area, but if I can have reasonable success in all four the overall project will ring true.

The photo above shows the story board pages ( labelled by “Episode” ) and the first Journal Entry in the word document ( I left it intentionally fuzzy, not looking to give up too much ahead of the completed project).  I threw in one of the quick sketches of Bruno Stachel ( who was nicknamed “The Cobra”) and the Skizzenbuch itself.

The whole project is going to take time, my best estimate is about two years, but I am in no hurry ( I do have a day job and a life after all!).  That puts me into 2017 for a document ready for publication.  My intent is to create a separate “Rupp’s Skizzenbuch” website and publish the journal entries one “episode” at a time after the whole project is complete.   Jack Hunter’s original novel “The Blue Max” started in February 1918 and ended in August 1918.  Rupp’s Skizzenbuch will do the same.  Considering the timing I am seriously considering waiting until 2018 and publishing it in “real time” during the 100 year anniversary of “The Blue Max” storyline.

What a great way to honor the conclusion of the 100 year centennial of “The Great War”.


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