“Old Uncle Douaumont” reborn among skinned knees and burnt coffee

Old Uncle Douaumont was a fort designed to withstand all forms of attack in the 1890’s, but was out flanked by advances in artillery in the early 1900’s.  The fort was brought to its knees by a pair of skinned knees ( the only casualty!) during the Battle of Verdun when the undefended fort was over run by the Germans.  The tides turned later that same year when German soldiers, attempting to heat their coffee with a flame thrower caused a huge fire that killed over 600 men!  This story deserves its own Graphic Novel..read more on this thread.


Sounds haunted to me…..and just in time for Holloween the Forte De Douamont is being brought back to life by a pair of digital artists.  “Genius” who is located in France built the 3d model based on historical data and WWDubya, a friend of mine in the Wing Walkers Squad is developing the “skins” to complete the model.  This international collaboration, combined with digital art and historical research is the kind of thing that can bring real richness to the flight sim community.

Follow this project as it develops on this thread..but please leave your coffee makers at home!!








8 thoughts on ““Old Uncle Douaumont” reborn among skinned knees and burnt coffee

  1. Thanks for the spotlight, Geez! However, the 3D modeller is “Genius,” and not “Guest.” He’s been very patient with me throughout this project, and I’ve learned much about the French fort system near Verdun as a result.

  2. Well done Dub. Here’s the “Ossuaire” or bonehouse. Around 300,000 from both sides were reported as casualties in the 300 day battle of Verdun. This is their burial site. The basement of the Ossuaire contains the remains of approx 130,000 unidentified dead.

  3. Lovely and well done. I had the opportunity to visit Fort Douaumont in June. The accident that caused the 600-800 German casualties is marked in the fort (see picture). It was impossible for the Germans to provide a proper burial because of the constant French bombardment which made any sortie from under the protection of the fort suicidal. Instead, the dead were placed in a gallery of the fort and walled off and a memorial eventually placed next to the wall.

    German cemetery:

    Capitaine De Gaulle plaque

    French Army Memorial

    French and German flag over the fort.

  4. Wingover, sorry this didn’t post immediatly..still getting used to this blog thing, apparently you needed my blessing since it had attachments. The first image is amazing. Thanks so much for sharing them!!

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