Sample Chapter and Sortie Posts Added!

Stepped back from the blog software and spent a little time this week creating some sample pages for the Chapter List and the Sorties List.  I’m past the half way point of outlining the book and my hope is to create a simple summary for each chapter and each dogfight in the format shown below.  These pages will become my reference guide and “cliff notes” if you will for the original story to use when I start my version of the story for the graphic novel.  Hoping it will be a resource I can fall back on.

If you go to the page labeled “Story Pages” you will now find a drop down menu with this first example page for Chapter 1

If you go to the page labelled “Sortie pages” you will find a drop down with this first example page for Sortie #1.

Building these pages is a way for me to “learn” the story.  It reveals itself to me a little differently every time I run thru it.

I have an idea in my head that if I get all of these built I may post them on some of the Aviation sites or Flight Sim sights on a weekly basis along with a single sketch cartoon almost like a weekly serial.    I think it would generate some interest in the blog and expose people to the authentic Blue Max story instead of the version Hollywood cooked up!



5 thoughts on “Sample Chapter and Sortie Posts Added!

  1. Hmmm…still getting used to the permissions on this, right now I have to approve every comment. Doubt I want that….will have to dig deeper on the control panel to clean that up. I hope to add my old comics and the Jack Hunter Bio info next

  2. Looking a whole lot more advanced than last week!!
    BTW just a reminder that Varg und ich sprechen biede Deutche, vann du ubersetzungen brauchen.

  3. Good to know Bayo. I was going to seek some help on the german that is in the book, want to make a glossary particularly the levels of officers and some of the other military aviation terminology.

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