Santa’s Workshop

Doing my best to make it to Christmas in one piece!

I have five siblings and our normal tradition was to buy one gift for one family and rotate thru some kind of order each year.  Two years ago, after my Mom passed away we decided to end that tradition.  Three of us decided to change it up a bit and start a new tradition.  We have a theme each year and exchange handmade gifts.  So far this approach has been great fun for me.  My brother teaches art teachers how to teach art in Victoria B.C. (that is a mouthfull!) and he set the theme this year.  Needless to say the theme is abstract and open to wide interpretation.

A marvel from or about a circle that involves a favorite material and at least one twist.”

This was vague enough that I added my own additional requirement, “Batteries not included, some assembly required.”  Needless to say I was also able to fit in an aviation theme as well.  Unfortunately this is all secret until December 25th.  I will post some images and perhaps a video after Christmas.  For now you will have to be satisfied with a glimpse at Santa’s Workshop….and yes, my handbuilt gift does require batteries!


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