The Atlantic’s “World War I in Photos : Animals at War” – Week 4

This weeks theme is a little hard to embrace.  Horses, dogs, pigeons, camels, elephants….all put to work to support the effort on the front.

The Atlantic’s “World War I in Photos: Animals at War” 

The images of horses are perhaps the hardest to look at. Fallen animals line the edges of the battlefield, just one more casualty ignored by soldiers passing by.  World War I was a transitional era, men dug into trenches being pounded by thousands of rounds of artillery fired by cannons that represented the most advanced weapons of the era, but horses still used to drag the cannons thru the mud.  Not sure why involving animals seems more cruel than men, but I suppose there is an innocence and a loyalty of service that comes with domesticated animals that just makes it seem more cruel.  The exhausted dog in the in the image below just swam across a channel to bring a message to his handler. Hard to see “man’s best friend” used as an instrument of war.


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