The Planes of The Blue Max

How do you spend your time?  What are you passionate about?  What are you an expert at?

Over the last four months this journey that is “The Blue Max Project” has shown me that World War 1 Aviation History surfaces in many different mediums and with different groups of people. There are model makers, radio control pilots, artists, historians, mechanics, computer programmers that have embraced this part of history and spend thousands of hours trying to capture some part of it.  When Jack Hunter wrote The Blue Max that same passion came thru his work and it still resonates today with many of these same people.

With that in mind I have hit one of the research milestones I wanted to complete to prepare for the art project.  I  wanted to create a visual resource archive for the planes represented in The Blue Max.  Under the Sources tab I have added “The Planes of The Blue Max” and I tried to represent  each plane with a mix of information that represents this wide ranging community.  You will find Flight Sim plan and elevation views combined with both vintage and current era photographic images.  In some cases I included images from physical and computer animated models.   I added plane specifications as well as a brief description of what role these planes played in Jack Hunter’s novel.  The planes are arranged in the order they occur in the novel.

The images are combined in the”poster” view below, but if you follow this link you can view the high resolution versions where you can read the commentary.

I also want to thank all those folks at the Wing Walkers, The Black Haze and The Aerodrome have provided commentary and support along the way in 2013!



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