Valiant Hearts – A Game….or is it ?

I read about Valiant Hearts (by Ubisoft) before it came out but lost track of it.  Jim “Bayonet” MacKay ( one of my squadmates ) reminded me about it so I gave it a second look.  If you were a fan of Grim Fandango or Monkey Island the format will be familiar to you.  A puzzle game with plenty of hints and visual cues so you don’t get stuck.  A compelling story line that ties the game play together.  But there is so much more here…a somber soundtrack, references to historical letters, battles and maps, historical fact pop-ups that are themed to align with the action and even the images you encounter during the game play.  Well anyone who combines adventure games with graphic novel artwork and World War 1 military history deserves some recognition on this blog, so here are some images, the website and a video trailer for your entertainment!


This episode focuses on the Battle of Marne.


Some of the facts show images that are used in the graphic novel.  Note the stacked rifles holding up the flag.  The image makes an appearance at this setting at a train station.


And of course I have to include some images with aircraft.  Nieuport 11’s and Albatrii? Have not played any levels with aircraft but they look promising.


Sometimes historical facts are stranger than fiction…. this generals headgear is certainly a good example.

Pic1(  von Guber looks familiar doesn’t it?)

Each episode has 7 levels, a single expisode costs $4.99 on i-tunes, you can buy the remaining 3 episodes for $8.99.  Hard to not support Ubisoft’s effort to tie heartfelt story telling, graphics and military history with the World War 1 Centennial.




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