Creating WW1 Vintage Aviation Photo’s….

I want to have a mix of sketches and photos in the journal.  The photos would be real scenes from The Blue Max story line, but want an edge of fantasy so the reader can still use their imagination to remember the story the way they saw it in their own minds eye. The experiments with sketches and clouds got my mind going on using photo collages, taking real WW1 photographs but combine, planes skies and figures so I could compose my own picture to match the action in the story.  I intentionally am fuzzing out the detail to leave the end result abstract.  Lots of potential here.

First came a vintage plane crash image.


Than a picture of Mr. Von Richthofen


Then a stormy sky….


Put them together and filter the image to make it more abstract….

albatros pic copy

Drop the image in the journal and there you go…..

Journal Pic

Not perfect, whites are too bright, tabs to big,  resolution is not great, but it has a lot of promise!

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