WWHFA Comics

These “comic after action reports” documented a ten mission campaign that occured over a six month period in 2010 / 2011 that was called The Wingwalkers High Flying Adventures (WWHFA).  The Wingwalkers, The Old Fokkers and The Black Haze were the squads that participated and the premise of these comic was to weave a story around the actual action that occured during the mission.  If you read thru these you will see an evolution of what the comics were trying to do.  In the beginning they were documenting the dog fight with a simple story introduced to increase the immersion.  By the end I was inventing content, using the in game mission builder, and recordings from the mission along with google images to create a richer story with French Spies, Secret Maps and Mad Generals.

Chapter 1 “Introducing the Cast of Characters”










Chapter 2 ” The Tale of Two Cities”










Chapter 3 “Friends vs Foes”












Chapter 4 “Friends vs Foes Rematch Edition”












Chapter 7 “Where Turkey’s Dare”












Chapter 9 The Long Walk Home